Favorite reads...

I get some of my best inspirations from some of my peers.  Fellow  Mommy Bloggers.  My set of imaginary friends out in cyberspace.  (yes we can have them at forty-something, don't judge!)

Here a few of my favorites:

Mommyfriend is wonderful!  She was the first of mommy bloggers to make me feel welcomed in the world of blogging.  She has a great broad and recently went from working mom to WAHM. I ENVY HER! In a good way of course.  She is incredibly talented and featured on many websites.  Incredibly funny and touches on a lot of subjects as a mommy.  She is truly a Mommyfriend.

PEARMAMA is wonderful.  She is an artist, she is Latina, she is a loving Mami of 6...yes S-I-X beautiful children.  I read her stuff daily because I can relate to her latina take and fellow Angeleno.  She lots of funny, and I love her stuff.  You can find her on babycenter but I love her site most because of the beautiful art not only in her writing but in her pics.  Check her out!

 Mama's Losin' It! simply put is HILARIOUS! She makes me laugh and I totally want to be one of the many blogger friends that she crank calls.  I get her humor and how seriously at some point as a mother you do end up losing it!  She also gives me a lot of meat lately for this anorexic blog that mine has become lately.  If you want to remember that maybe you are not that crazy as a mom, or reminded that yes indeed you are losing it, visit Mama Kat.
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