January 14, 2013

Dearest Baby Girl...

Dearest Daughter, Baby girl, Thing Two...
I cannot believe you have turned four years old today!  It seems just like yesterday that I stared sitting in disbelief at the home pregnancy test while holding your 8 month old brother.  I was scared and happy all at once. You came during a time when everything in my life was in a big mess. I was still learning to be a mommy to one, my relationship with your daddy was difficult, and your Abi had been told she had breast cancer.
Many times while you were in my belly I cried and broke down from the stress. Your Abi would tell me not to cry and try to think of you and what you were feeling when I was crying. Little did either of us know of the type of person you were. Right you were born you cried for 3 hours. Not of hunger, being wet, or tired, you were mad!  You were not having anything to do with the whole poking and prodding and cleaning.  I knew then that I had a little fighter on my hands.
You have always been that way since before you were born. Fighting against all odds to make yourself known.  When anyone is sad you are the first to ask if everything is okay. Whether it is someone you know or a complete stranger. Your heart is larger than the little body it occupies. You have strong convictions and will stand up for what you think is right and just. It is natural to you. I sometimes have to tame your attacks on what you think is wrong just because some adults are not ready to hear what you have to say. Society is like that, but it doesn't mean I do not believe in your reason to stand up and say something when you see it is wrong.
My little fierce warrior is who you are. In just four years YOU have shown me to never forget your inner being, the person you are at the core. I love you even when you stand your ground and I want to pull my hair out because you have decided that you want to wear your hair in a ponytail and not down. We may not always agree, but I am in awe of how fiercely you defend your rights to do things.  Never lose that part of you my love.
We will always butt heads, it is just what we do. Do know this, I will always love you and I will always be YOUR fiercest defendant.
Thank you for bringing all that and dolls, unicorns, and princess dreams to our lives. We are complete with you in our world. Your brother may not think so right at this moment, but he loves that you will always have his back. Trust me.
Happy fourth birthday baby girl! Lets to have cake.
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