July 20, 2012

Villians do exist...but so do Super Heros

This Sunday is going to be like any other this summer. In that same breath, it is not. You see this summer has been filled with movies that The Things and I have been looking forward to. Thing One has been looking forward to the movie Batman which was released last night. I woke up as many of you did to the news of what occurred in an Aurora, Colorado movie theatre at the midnight showing of Batman. Listening to all the news as it pours out minute by minute, overwhelms me with feelings. Feelings of anger, fear, and most of all loss. I feel deeply saddened to hear of children being shot most of all.  How does one not fear villains when they come to life?

Many media outlets have spoke  of what this will do for the movie's sales.  Other's speak of movie theatre security and it's future.  It is absolutely ludicrous how an action of one insane man has prompted so much action and dialogue of the simple act of going to see a movie at a theatre.  It is as if the villain has reached more than just those 71 injured.  The epidemic of fear has struck in so many of us.  To that thought I think, but what about those who showed such superb bravery?  Like the police officers that put injured into police cars and drove them to hospitals, rather than wait for an ambulance.

I often think of all those invisible capes we all wear.  We all have the ability to help and be brave and overcome whatever a villain's venom has touched.  So will you go to a theatre?  Will you feel safe?  Those are all questions we ask ourselves now.  I for one will not let one villain ruin yet another little boys dreams.  I will put on that invisible super hero cape, face my fears and hold that little boys hand tightly. 

As in all super hero comics the villain will go down and there will be justice.  Stand tall and brave my friends and let those invisible capes flow proudly.

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