June 3, 2012

How a split second turned into terror.

As parents we all have that internal fear that is played out one too many times on the news. That one moment in which a child is gone. Maybe for a minute, a few moments or forever. You let your child go to the bus stop, or you watch in horror how crossing the road some stranger grabs your child.

I had hoped that I would never encounter such a thing with my babies. Unfortunately it happened.

I had taken Thing One and Two to see Sesame Street Live today. Big crowds are never my favorite, bit one can not live in fear. I took Mali with us to enjoy the show. All was well until the end of the show when I had to pick up  Mami's walker at guest services. I had told Mami to stay with the children while I went upstairs to get the walker.
I went up the stairs and waited to get her walker. Took the elevator down and chatted with the elevator attendant on how nice the show was. The doors opened and Mali was standing there asking where the kids were.
Apparently she thought that I had known that the kids were right behind me as I went up the stairs. It had been 10 minutes since I had left. My heart and guts were sick twisted as I looked back on the huge crowd behind me. I must have screamed that very moment, because all of a sudden everyone was looking at me. My babies were lost in a crowd of hundreds. I ran up stairs looking for them in every chiild's face and I could see all the adults feeling my pain and panic.

Security was helping as I ran to find them. Thing two was at guest services. She was calm and collected. The next thought was Where is my boy! My sweet sweet boy. I could hear the security guards asking for a description of him or a picture of him. I couldn't get words out as I shook with panic and fear. Until a man came out of nowhere ans said
"Your daughter is watching you let's breathe and he will be found"

I had to catch my breath and describe what he was wearing, hair and eye color, name. All the things that were crucial at that very moment. Then I heard theo best sound in the world. The cries of Thing One asking for his Mommy. They had found him in the play area of the event crying. I was on my knees crying holding my precious babies, thanking God and the kids guardian Angels that they were returned safely to me.

I haven't let them go yet. They are lying next to me as I type this.

I was lucky and I pray this never happens again. EVER.

Have you ever experienced something scary with your children? How did you react?

I can tell you, this moment was not how I expected Iwould react.

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