March 1, 2012

Summer of love and patience: Mama Kat's world famous writer's workshop

One of this week's writing prompts for Mama Kat: Remember Summer?  Share a photo from last Summer that brings you back.  Read on:

In Southern California it goes without saying that we are blessed with wonderful weather almost always.  For the last couple of days it has been dreary, cloudy and cold, much to my chagrin.  So when the opportunity came up to be nostalgic about summer I jumped at the chance. 

I couldn't pick just one picture that I loved about last summer.  There was so much chaos during that tumultuous time last year.  My put-put of a car finally gave it's last breaths in June 2011 (RIP little silver bullet). I was in no way shape or form financially ready at the time to purchase a form of transportation and was just in bad shape. I took a bus and got around and I even got through getting a car by the end of the summer.

Being without a car really put things in perspective. I slowed down, I figured things out for the kids and how to get us to where we needed to be.  We visited parks and enjoyed the sun and the view from a bus.  Life seemed to slow down and remind us to appreciate what was there.  The funny part as I was browsing through our summer pictures was that the pictures where the kids were playing on a playground were taken when we took the bus.  The one's with them at the sprinkler were taken once we had a car.  No big difference in the joy and happiness in either of those pictures.

So for that summer I learned to slow down enjoy the moments of fun and sun. 

What is your favorite memory of summer 2011?

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