February 9, 2012

If you give a Mom a kids birthday party to plan: Mama Kat's world famous writer's workshop

This week I chose the writing prompt inspired by the children's story "If you give a mouse a cookie"  In this wonderful book, everything and anything goes, taking the mouse far from the original plan and then bringing you back.  Here is my version of this story...

If you give a mom a kids birthday party to plan…

She’s going to want to go on Pinterest and get some ideas for the perfectly themed party.

While on Pinterest she’s going to notice that her friend has a new board labeled “easy organic recipes”
She’s going to want to make some for the birthday party so she gets the recipes to try making it.

While looking over the recipe she’s going to notice that she doesn’t have all the ingredients and then heads out to Trader Joe’s to get the ingredients.

As she heads down the aisle with children in tow, she thinks “Why did I bring them???!!”  Thing Two heads in one direction with a shopping cart almost knocking out an elderly grandma and Thing One following closely behind is screaming…Wait for me! Wait for me!

As she is chasing them down the aisles to stop them she suddenly runs into her favorite section at Trader Joe’s . The “adult beverages”  She stops and notices a bottle with a happy face on it.  Surely this bottle should bring some happiness compared to this hot pickle she’s in now. 

She adds this to her shopping cart, pays and goes home.  Kids are napping  as she takes out all that she purchased and realizes that she got nothing for that said organic recipe.  The only thing visible is that happy face bottle of wine. Time to open that puppy up!
As she is pouring the wine into the HUGE goblet she remembers when life was simple and full of wine and dinner parties, and adult conversations.  She will remember that she still has a kids birthday party to plan.
Chance are if you give a mom a birthday party to plan she will be on Pinterest  midnight. YET AGAIN. *sigh*

Based on a true story:

I opted for these and didn't go with "homemade organic"

The cute outfit I found on Etsy via Pinterest.
The wine inspired me to RELAX and ENJOY.
If you are interested in knowing more about the book "If you give a mouse a cookie" I highly recommend it.  There is a series of books from the same author and Thing One and Thing Two simply enjoy them.

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