December 31, 2011

The year 2011 in Review

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Wishing you all a prosperous New Year 2012, filled with hope and happiness!

December 30, 2011

New Years resolution

So a new year is upon us. Time for the resolutions to come up.

- Diet to get healtier and thinner
- Get a better job
- Go back to school
- Be more patient with the children
- Be more organized

etc., etc, etc...

How about just being kind and Paying it forward? This my friend is mine for 2012

Watch this, this guy is amazing:

So, are you with me people?

It's time for my children to watch and learn to be kinder and better people in this world.

December 24, 2011

Merry Parenting!

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Here is to another year of the joy of Parenting.  From our home to yours...Merry Christmas all!

December 9, 2011

Santa Baby...

It’s that time again.  Christmas is upon us and I have my annual wish list for Santa.
Dear Santa ,
Thanks for the gifts last year.  The tantrums have been down since about 6 months ago.  I know that one took a little longer to get to me, but it’s one that meant the most.  Mom is still cancer free, so thank you, thank you, thank you.  Big Cheese has finally been able to give me some “child free” days, to which I am grateful.  Even if it is just to catch up on laundry, have full control of the remote, and sleep.   Thank you for getting me that larger car. I can now take the kids places without being cramped up and worrying about breaking down in the middle of nowhere with them in tow.
So this year my list is a little bit smaller, because I am after all satisfied for the most part on how this year has turned out.
1.       A Mami helper:  Mami is getting older; she needs someone to stay close to her more often than she thinks she needs to.  I wish I could do more, but with two children and a full time job that is at a distance my time is stretched.
2.       Laundry helper:  Maybe we can combine this one with the one above.  As soon as I’m done doing all the laundry I have to start all over with this.  I just need it folded and put away which seems to be my weakness when children need to be fed or broken up from fighting with each other,  Mami needs to be shuffled off  somewhere, and just errands that need to be run. 
3.       Wine:  I need it after all of the activities listed above.
4.       A Guy A MAN :  No not a boyfriend, because Lord knows we tried that route earlier this year and that was a failure of EPIC proportions.  Just someone who checks in occasionally on all those mechanical things that I can’t figure out as much as I try to Google, or youtube. I’m a single girl idiot in that department.  Yes, even “I” am not superwoman!
5.       Good Slumber on weekends and kid free days:  I have no idea why, dang internal clock is set. I’m up earlier than roosters. It’s not fair!  I WANT to sleep, but it eludes me.  I don’t care if raccoon eyes are making a come back!  They don’t flatter me.
6.       More financial resources:  I have a job, thank goodness!  It is not that I want more money for myself, it is to do those occasional good deeds.  Pay for someone’s layaway, pay for someone’s groceries that is struggling to make ends meet.  I want to be able to spread that cheer year around.
7.       Continued health:  I know I struggle with my weight.  I need to get on the ball with this so that I can be around for the kids, the grand kids and the great grand kids.  I am healthy now, but it can get better. 
8.       Creativity:  I seem to have lost that this last year.  I wrote quite often, I crafted with the kids more before.  Can you help me find it this year? I miss it.
9.     For continued patience:  Especially with Thing One and Thing Two.  They drive me crazy some days and I just want to lock myself up in the bathroom with the bottle of wine and my fantastic new acrylic cup (Thanks D-law) that I have affectionately named Herman.
10.   This one is important:  BARBIE HEAD.  Year 33 and still no Barbie head.  I will continue to ask every  year.  I have been good, what is up with this???!!!  Surely there has to have been some mix up at your fabulous toy shop. (crosses fingers, does a prayer, I hope I don’t get coal for this comment)
Love you  lots!
Mami of Thing One and Thing Two

P.S.  The kids have been good this year, please make sure to read their letter.  I certify that they have been good. J
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