October 12, 2011

The little girl that made October shine in bright Pink.

The end of September 2008 was one of the most difficult moments in my life.  I was 7 almost 8 months pregnant.  In one giant swoop I found out that the father of my children was exploring other relationships and that Mami had been diagnosed with breast cancer.  My body shook from shock, anger, and fear all at once.  I may have thrown up physically and emotionally several times during the weeks that followed. 

In order to wrap my head around all that I needed to organize in my life I took time off from work.  Mami had gone to see the oncologist the same day that she found out that the small lump detected in her annual mammogram was malignant. Sitting with my mom the tears rolled down my eyes, what was happening?  I just lost faith in the man that was suppose to be there for the rest of my life, and now there was the threat of not having my mom there. Mami sensed the fear immediately and was told she had two options for her cancer.  One, a lumpectomy followed by months of radiation.  Two, removal of the effected breast and lymph nodes with no radiation involved.  She opted for the removal.

It was a long road but three years later I sit here and contemplate all that has gone on since.  Mami and I had a heart to heart this past Sunday.  It was the anniversary of Sarge's death. Curious, I asked why she opted for the breast removal. She pointed over to Thing Two who was sitting there playing tea party.  Mami said she wanted to live long enough to see her granddaughter being born.  While I am a great believer in medicine and all it's miracles the motivation to get better for a little girl was more than medicine can explain. 

Thing Two lights up a room just with her big brown eyes and mischievous smile.  She loves with her whole heart and she is the keeper of this little family.  She is our little miracle.  One of the reasons she is important to me, she saved my Mami. 

Her name sake is Liliana Renee means "Gracious Lily Reborn".  Mami's middle name: Lilian.  Thing Two definitely made her reborn. 

This blog is a reminder that it's breast cancer awareness month.  Please remind all the women in your life that they are important in your life and to remember that early detection is key to survival. 

  • Do a monthly breast exam
  • Get a Mammogram after the age of 40
  • Know your family history of cancer
  • Become educated of what advancements in Breast cancer
  • Be vigilant of changes in your breast and in your general health

Thanks my baby girl....October is much brighter pink with you and Mami in my life. I will definitely be aware of all of the above for you and your brother. 

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