March 25, 2011

Flashback Friday - August 11, 2007

What is Flashback Friday? Well since parenthood for me started way before this blog. I blogged a lot in various places like Myspace, Babycenter Community, and Facebook. For you to better understand where I come from I have decided to bring those blogs back on Fridays. I want to be able to relate to all of you that may be going through something similar and let you know you are not alone in your feelings. I will apologize ahead of time, this is the raw stuff before I started getting better at expressing myself via blogs. Enjoy my friends
August 15, 2007 - I was up and had a chance to write about my story of birth with Thing One.  It was the first night at home with him.  My heart was full.
Arcadia Methodist - on a great August day
August 11, 2007 a date to never forget. My lovely baby boy came into this world at 2:37 pm, weighing in at 6 pounds 11 ounces and measuring 19 inches.
The day before I was feeling quite heavy, hot, and just plain uncomfortable. My due date was not until August 30th but according to the doctor I was ready at any time to give birth from this past Thursday until then. Thirty-seven weeks pregnant and I was totally exhausted, swollen, and not hungry. The only thing I wanted was a nice big juicy sweet orange and a huge ice cold glass of water.  Mami had suggested we go to the store to get them, but I was craving the one's from the farmers market.  Luckily it was Friday and the street fair / farmer's market was in full swing in Monrovia.  Big Cheese was at work so it was just me and Mami.  I figured we would park close enough to where the fruits were being sold and that way we could get them and go home.  Well, better said than done, we parked where I thought the fruit was.  They had moved to the other side of the street.  I must have really wanted those oranges because I walked all the way down to the other side, stopping occasionally to catch my breath and wipe the sweat off my brow.  It was a sweltering 102 degrees! In foresight maybe getting pregnant in December and having a child in the dead of August heat was not the smartest thing ever. 

We finally reached the oranges and Mami was hungry, so we went to sit and a local burger joint.  All I could think of was to sit in the AC at home and eat my juicy sweet oranges and the ice-water.  Nothing at the burger joint looked appetizing to me.  We got home and I was exhausted, like completely exhausted.  Mami cut up the oranges for me and served me my water.  I lifted my hugely swollen ankles up on the lazy boy and sat like Cleopatra with the fan in my face and feeding myself oranges.  I don't even think it was 8 in the evening when I crawled into bed.

Every night before Big Cheese would get home from work around three in the morning I would wake up, like clockwork and go to the bathroom.  I was about to get up when I rolled over and felt a gush of water.  Immediately I sat up and was thinking, I didn't need to go so bad to wet my pants like that.  I wobbled over to the bathroom and noticed that I was wet and a little bit of blood.  Mami was in her room when I went over and poked her to wake her up. Half asleep she looked at me and grunted "que?"  (what?) .  "Mami I think my water broke"  I don't think I ever saw Mami get up as fast as she did.  I was pretty relaxed, I had time to call the doctor and Big Cheese.  When I called Big Cheese, I could hear his breaths pick up pace.  He was on his way to pick me up and take me to the hospital.  My doctor hadn't returned my calls but I could feel small twinges on my lower back.  I was sure I was going to have this baby.  I showered to relax myself and relieve the small twinges in my back.  When I stepped out of the shower to grab my towel I was startled by Big Cheese standing there.  He has always been pretty fair skinned but it was nothing compared to that morning.  "You ok? Did you call the doctor?  Are you in pain?"  Panic had set in for the fellow.  I reassured him I was fine but that we should go to the hospital.

I suppose we were lucky that it was so early in the morning and there was no traffic on the way to the hospital.  We were at the hospital in a matter of minutes.  When I was checked, sure enough my water had broken, and I was 3and a half centimeters dilated.  The only thing was that my water bag apparently resealed itself.  I was given oxytocin and told that my doctor was on vacation, as of that morning.  Great timing!  So for the most part I was dealing with pain.  My birth plan was to take no medication of any kind.  Mami had the runs from the stress, Big Cheese was tired, hungry, and didn't know exactly what to do.  I met the doctor once and had a great nurse.  At about 1:00 I was given a stronger dose of oxytocin to move things along.  I was at 7 centimeters and no real strong contractions and my water had been broken. I was still talking to friends on the phone at that time.  Mami went with my coach to get some coffee.  By the time they got back was feeling massive pain.  I remember getting hot and trying to breathe through the pain.  Both Big Cheese and T(coach)  were trying to help me breathe through the pain.  I stated loudly "COULD YOU STOP BREATHING ON ME!"  I think that's the point I looked at the nurse and asked for pain medication. 

Without hesitation she took a look at how I was progressing and the look on her face said it all.  "We can't do that now, we are at 10 and you're going to have to push"  I was told to wait for the doctor before I did a practice push, but I wanted to push.  The nurse pulled up my legs on the stirrups and as I started a practice push, down went T.  That's when my doctor and all the other doctor's and nurses made it into the room.  T was whisked away and Big Cheese was left to coach me.  I got so hot at one point that cold towels were placed on me and the oxygen mask was flung over my mouth.  After several pushes I heard the doctor say we needed to get the baby out soon because he was showing signs of distress and that a vacuum was needed.  I was shaking, tired and sweaty, I felt all energy drained out of me.  I heard Big Cheese say "You can do this, one more push"  I bared down and with the help of a vacuum out came the blackest curliest hair on a head I had ever seen.  Eyes wide open staring at me, he was here.  Marcus Alfonso Olivas had arrived.  After a brief eye to eye moment the whisked him away to be cleaned. 

This is the moment I heard the nurse say "we have to take him to the NICU, he's having trouble transitioning"  I shed tears and all I could say was "please let me hold him for a minute before you take him"  She brought him over and I kissed his little forehead "Mommy will be waiting for you, you need to get better"  I could hear the grunting noise he was making, he was really struggling to breathe.  I yelled at Big Cheese to go with the baby, not to take his eyes off him. 

Everything was a blur until I was told he was ok, I would be able to see him that night.  I haven't slept right since then.  I know he's here and he's a blessing.  I listen to his every breath and sometimes I hold mine.  He's here, and I couldn't be more over joyed to be a loving sleepless mommy to my newborn son.

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