February 28, 2011

Hey germs, viruses, bacteria! We want off this ride!

The picture above represents my daily regimen these days. Give or take a few pills, this has been my morning existence since the Things came into my life. I have had to stock up on Vitamins, antihistamines, cold and flu medication, Kleenex, antibacterial sanitizer, Lysol spray, etc, etc, etc. It’s a constant battle to keep all of us healthy.

Can I just say, toddlers are not the best in the hygiene and safety area. Anything goes for these creatures.
I have been used as a giant Kleenex at one point. Very attractive when you go into the office and you have a snail trail across the bottom of your nicely pressed black pants.  I have been sneezed on, coughed at, vomited on, it's fun really it is (insert sarcastic face here).

This cold and flu season has been especially rough. It’s amazing that I am even able to type this as I am fighting off what seems to be the third case of congestion, sniffles, sneezing, coughing, watery eyes, and headache (I think that was a quote from a commercial).  February has not been my favorite month. It started with me, I am the guilty party of this fantastic snifflefest.  I'm sure I picked it up at work because all of my co-workers have suffered from this ailment at one point in the last 2 months.  It was my turn I guess.

One week, cough, cough, sniffle, sniffle, is it a cold or an allergy?  Diagnosis after body aches:  COLD!  Alkaselzer cold and flu was my friend for many nights (at one point I was wondering . Between demanding toddlers and a job that doesn't care if your sick as a dog, you need to show up or it will reflect on your job review.  Talk about pressure!  If I got rest it was usually in the middle of typing an email at work and closing my eyes briefly. I'm surprised no one heard me snoring or that I may have shorted the keyboard from my drool. 

At least at work no one really cares if you doze off.  Once home with the Things, like most moms I am being diverted into a million different directions.  If I even blink too long one of the kids will say "Mommy wake up!".  I occasionally get poked in the eyes to pry open like little tooth picks keeping my eyelids open.  Think of that episode of Tom and Jerry when Tom tries to stay awake

I often feel like this poor cat.

So between being tired and not fully recuperating from all these nice illnesses, we just keep sharing the love in my household.  First me, then Thing One, Mami, then Thing Two.  There are so many variations to this order of getting it, that I can't list them all.  Really we just want off this train wreck now. 

What do you do to try to avoid this fun flu, cold, and allergy season?

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