December 16, 2010

Just a cup of Joe

So what does a tired office worker, who has had an hour commute and close to 7 hours of work do to make it through the next grueling couple of hours until she gets home? She does this:

That my friends is a cup of Starbucks instant coffee. Notice the little ditty on the cup? Peace. My friend Rocio bought that cup for me a couple of years ago for my birthday. I love it. This is what it says:


It does not mean to be in a place

where there is no noise, trouble

or hard work. It means to be in

the midst of those things and still

be calm in your heart.

Sometimes at work and at home I need to remind myself of this. Especially when I’m sitting in traffic and I want it to move faster to get to my babies. Then when I’m home with the babies and they are so excited that they climb on me, chat loudly, kiss me incessantly, all this while I’m trying to make dinner. I lose it sometimes. Some days this tired mom wants to crawl in bed and let someone else take the reigns. Unfortunately it’s just me and this is why coffee and a deep breath help at 4:00 pm at work with my fabulous cup that lets me reflect and say…you will be ok.
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