April 7, 2010

No Chocolate Bunny, No Jelly Beans, No Peeps!

Yes, as the title says it, none of that was in our baskets or plastic eggs. Ok, don't look at me all weird! Simply put, my two Things do not eat any of those. First of all I believe jelly beans are a choking hazard for most toddlers. Second of all, Thing one has NO DESIRE for candy. Yes people, SHOCKING! He would much rather have a fruit than a piece of candy. It's not for lack of trying, I have tried to give him a lolipop, a piece of chocolate, even a fruit rollup. I just get the "ICK" face and the shaking of hands refusing to have one more bite. Now he is not opposed to ALL sweets, he does partake of the occasional cake and ice-cream, although it has to be plain vanilla, and white cake with very little frosting. Thing Two loves chocolate, but honestly, how nutritious can a chocolate bunny be for a one year old???

So many of you are asking, well what DID she put in the eggs, or did she even do eggs? The answer, OF COURSE I did eggs, I just got creative in what to put in them. I had to think about the items that Thing One and Thing Two really enjoy and what would be safe.

That was very easy.  My lovely Things One and Two love snack items that were easily put into plastic eggs.

  • Cherrios

  • Fruit Loops

  • Alphabet Cereal

  • Dried Stawberries

  • Raisins
Very inexpensive items that I already had.  Then I thought, well I needed something fun in the mix as well.  By this time I was pretty brain dead and really had no motivation to think.  I ended up at Target doing some random shopping for odds and ends at the house.  I decided to take a browse at what was in the Easter section. Low and behold my eyes caught a sale, on something fun!

They were already pre-packaged eggs, already stuffed with wonderful little characters that Things One and Two could have fun with. 

Thing One was so excited to go pick out eggs in the yard, it was like his first real experience of going to "find" eggs.  Thing Two had fun just looking at the colorful eggs and just shaking them.  I'm glad I chose to do things they liked instead of the normal candies and things, because the joy on their faces when they opened the eggs and got to eat the fun stuff was priceless.  So my suggestion is that even if others may tell you that is not the "norm", make it your own anyway.  It's normal for my babies to have cheerios and raisins as a treat. :) 

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